14 FebBest Nude Lipsticks for East Indian Women/Medium Tan to Darker Skin Tones

I have met quite a few Indian girls and some darker skin tone girls asking me how to find the best nude lipsticks.  It is a challenge to find that perfect nude lipstick for any skin tone but especially challenging for tan to darker skin tones.

Few pointers to look into before purchasing your nude  lipstick…

  • Under tones to your skin color:  yellow, bronze, reddish,
  • Color of your lips:  deep pink, deep plum, dark brown, or two tone (your inner lips are a lighter than outer lips, usually your outer lips are a lot darker)
  • What kind of nude are you comfortable wearing, where you don’t look washed out.

Tips for perfect nude

Lip-liners are a must, especially 2 to 3 shades darker than the lipstick color,  especially if you have a two tone or darker brown tone to your lips.

Lip-gloss adds more a radiance and plumping effect to your lips and you  don’t look washed out.

How put on the nude lips
  • make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized
  • dap a little foundation on your lips before applying the lipstick
  • apply  lipstick
  • after applying your lipstick, outline your lips with the pencil.  When out lining your lips , make sure you are  shading the outer corners  of your lips, kind of like  feathering motion.   Don’t be too heavy with the lip-liner (it is a good idea to use a lip brush for blending the liner with lipstick), the idea is just to outline the lips  without making it look like an Oreo cookie.
  • finish by applying the lip-gloss  to the center of the lips just a little to give it a glossy effect.

Here are my picks:

Lipstick: Freckletone by MAC or Peche by Laura Mercier– Its a beautiful nude with undertones of a peachy tone.

Skin tone: Undertones yellow, bronze to reddish, olive, medium, tan- dark medium

Lip-liners: Houdepodge by MAC, Cork by MAC, Chestnut by MAC (recommended for darker lip tones)

Lip-gloss: Underage by MAC, Myth by MAC

Frenkletone by MAC


Peche by Laura Mercier


Lipstick: Capricious by MAC or Twell 618 by Dior: Its a beautiful deep plum to chocolate, sheer and satin look, just enhance you lip color.

Skin tone:  Bronze to reddish, dark to deep tones will love it, two tone lips and darker  brown lip tone

lip-liners:  Chestnut by MAC, Coffee Bean by Laura Mercier

Lip-gloss: Bare Beige by Laura Mercier

Capricious lipstick by MAC


Bare Biege Lip gloss by Laura Mercier

Twell 618 by Dior

Lipstick: Jubilee by MAC : very natural, more latte brown hints of peachy pink

Skin tone: tan, med dark skin, either yellow or bronze undertones

Lip-liners: Cork by MAC, Quartz by MAC

Lip-gloss: Big Kiss by MAC, Pink Croisette 464 by  Dior Addict by Dior

Jubilee Lipstick by MAC


Pink Croisette 464 Lip-gloss by Dior

Houdepodge lip-liner by MAC



Cork lip-liner by MAC


Chestnut lip-liner by MAC


Big Kiss lip-gloss by MAC

Coffee Bean lip-liner by Laura Mercier


Myth lip-gloss by MAC

Underage lip-gloss by MAC

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