16 JanMakeup for Women in their 40′s

Nars Cream Blush - Cactus Flower - 5.5g/0.19ozNars Cream Blush - Cactus Flower - 5.5g/0.19oz

Nars Cream Blush - Cactus Flower

Finally,  I hit the big 4-0 but  the funny thing is I don’t feel it.  About 2 months back, I stopped getting asked for my ID.

Working in the cosmetic industry, I come across many women  of all different ages.   I often  get asked  “how old do you think I am?” by many of my clients.

If you were to ask me…do I come across women who actually look younger than their age –Yes, Do women look older than their age– Yes, Do women look their exact age– Yes.  Much of age depend on health, how good we feel about our age,  how happy and positive we are about our choices we made in life,  Our weight, How we dress, and  most important How we wear our hair and makeup.

I think many  women  in their 40′s don’t know how to wear their makeup and hair.

Tips on wearing makeup  in your 40′s

  • First and most important is taking care of your skin, start with a gentle face cleanser, a mask once a week, good moisturizer, good hydrating eye cream, SPF 30 or higher.
  • Next choose a foundation that is sheer or tinted that is moisturizing.  Stay away from oil free or matte. Matte can make you look dry  and focus on  wrinkles.  Basically oil free and matte foundation can  make you look like a Prune.
  • Optional if you choose to set your foundation with powder  go with loose or translucent  powder.
  • 40′s is a great age  to wear Blush if nothing else. I have noticed as we age our skin loses  its natural glow and our skin starts to have this dull color to it.  Best way to add  color to our skin is by applying blush.  Choose a Blush more natural to your skin color with a little radiance and brightness.   Best colors are some soft pinks, peachy, peachy Bronze or apricot.  I usually prefer cream  blush  over powder blush because cream blushes add radiant  glow  to you skin.
  • For eyes  very important, if you never wore an eyeshadow base start now.  You will be shocked how eye shadow base takes years of  your eyes. Our lids get darker and thinner as we age the base is great because it gives it a lift and brightness to your eyes.   You don’t even need to wear eyeshadow just apply the base and go.  My favorite eyeshadow base is by Laura Mercier nothing works better. But if you choose to wear eye-shadows, I usually use my blush as eyeshadow because our lid start to get a little dark as well so applying soft bright colors.  To apply eyeshadow start from the lid to crease.  Pick a dark navy,  dark chocolate, or very dark purple as a liner for the eyes.  Apply the liner along the upper and lower lash line and smoke it out especially  heaver on the corners of the eyes.  Finish with a mascara.
  • Picking colors for the lips can be a tricking but pick colors closer to the shade of you lips and just go a little brighter or even a darker and follow it a lip pencil.  It is very important to line your lips.   It make you lips  look fuller and prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Here is a list of some of my favorite

Orgasm, Angelika, Lovejoy,  Mata Hari, Crazed By NARS Cosmetic Powder Blushes

Montenegro,  Constantinople, Cactus Flower  NARS Cream Blushes

Laura Mercier Eye Basics–Eye Shadow Base  “Love it”

Laura Mercier Eye Basics - WheatLaura Mercier Eye Basics - Wheat

Laura Mercier Eye Basics - Wheat

Laura Mercier Eye Basics - Linen - 7g/0.25ozLaura Mercier Eye Basics - Linen - 7g/0.25oz

Laura Mercier Eye Basics - Linen

NARS Blush Oasis 4028, 0.16oz, 4.5gNARS Blush Oasis 4028, 0.16oz, 4.5g

NARS Blush Orgasm

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